We believe in empowering people to change their own future.

And by standing with them and supporting them to achieve those ambitions, that future can be as optimistic as they dare imagine.

In Tower Hamlets today, over half of all children will wake up in poverty. Many families don’t know where to turn and job opportunities for young people can be hard to access.

Possibilities are on the doorstep – literally. The affluence of Canary Wharf sits cheek-by-jowl with Tower Hamlets in East London, where we’re based. Yet without help unlocking that potential, few will benefit.

This is where we step in, seeing potential – even well-hidden potential – working among young people, women and families in some of London’s communities most impacted by social and economic inequality. Our motivation and deeply held conviction is that by standing with people, providing practical input as they navigate sometimes huge obstacles, enables them to rewrite the story.

/ young people

Around 14% of all 18–24 year olds in London are not in education, employment or training. 20,000 of those furthest away from employment live in East London alone. We provide support services, training courses, Traineeships and Apprenticeships for young people, readying them for the workplace.

Through our network of placements with world-leading employers, we provide opportunities that give young people vital experience, much needed confidence and essential skills.

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‘City Gateway is different because of the opportunities it provides for young people…it helps them build a career path for themselves.’
Emma, City Gateway learner

/ women

Last year City Gateway’s Women’s Programmes welcomed over 400 learners from 14 different ethnicities. Our youngest learner was 19 and our oldest 81.

We see the potential in women across our community and believe all women deserve the support and training to achieve their ambitions. Many have not had access to mainstream training provision and face barriers such as high debts, low confidence, low English levels and few formal qualifications. By partnering with local women to build confidence and skills, our programmes enable all women to excel in their social contribution.

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‘When I was housebound for five years I felt depressed. Now I am out and about, I get to meet new people and do new things, make new friends, learn English. I feel much better!’
Gopa*, Student at City Gateway Women’s Programmes

/ children and families

Over half of all children in Tower Hamlets are growing up in poverty – one of the highest rates in the country. Many of the families we support are not sure where to turn.

We provide high-quality creche facilities at our Women’s Programmes site in Stepney. Alongside this we provide a programme of family support for parents with children aged 0–5, which has helped over 300 families over the last three years.

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‘My daughter had problems with her speech. Through the one-to-one support the staff offer, she is now using sentences, three or four words at a time. I’d never have achieved all this at home.’
Sandra, A local mum

*Some names have been changed to protect identity