Our ReBuild programme provides dedicated one-to-one support for ex-offenders.

/ what we offer

City Gateway provides support for NEET young people aged 16-24 years. Through our ReBuild programme, we provide opportunities and/or courses, either in-house or externally, for ex-offenders and those on the brink of offending, residing in Tower Hamlets. We support young people to improve their current and future career opportunities and lessen the chances of offending and reoffending.

/ who we support

The ReBuild programme includes intensive and personalised coaching, training, and career advice, assisting them to gain sustainable employment, education, and training. Learners will also develop enhanced personal capabilities such as confidence, resilience and self-awareness whilst participating in the programme.

/ how we support

We believe that targeted support and intervention is the key to supporting young people into positive outcomes.

  • One-to-one coaching
  • Employability skills training
  • Work placements and sustainable employment
  • Bursary support
  • Digital skills training

/ what to expect

We offer a range of outcomes and progressions including:

  • Apprenticeships in Business Admin and IT
  • Paid employment
  • Maths and English Functional Skills (up to level 2)
  • Employability skills and experience

/ how to enrol

If you need any help, please email Elicia Morrison at elicia.morrison@citygateway.org.uk or call on 07989 347651.