Turn your passion in IT into a career with an IT apprenticeship qualification. You will enable others to use IT systems effectively and efficiently. You will deploy and maintain systems and resolve IT problems.

All sizes of organisations across all sectors increasingly depend on their information and communication infrastructure and on those who deploy, operate, maintain, and resolve problems to enable them to use those technologies effectively and efficiently. The role of an ICT (Information Communication Technician) is critical in achieving this.

The broad purpose of an ICT is to deliver effective operation and maintenance – physical or virtual hardware, software, network, and storage services.

The role includes contributing to the preparation of new or changed services, operation of the change process, the maintenance of regulatory, legal and professional standards as well as the building and management of IT systems, monitoring their performance and security.

ICT (Information Communication Technician) Level 3 Standards Apprenticeships are generally 18 months long and include the following:


/ apprenticeship portfolio building

This is where you will gather knowledge, skills and behaviours you need within the workplace. During this time, you will build up your portfolio and complete an IT Business Project.

/ assessment readiness

The Gateway to End Point Assessment (EPA) is towards the end of your apprenticeship and is essentially ensuring you’re ready for your final assessment stage.

/ end point assessment (EPA)

This is where you get to share and affirm everything you’ve learned during your apprenticeship through a short test, interview and presentation.


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