What does a coach do?

At City Gateway we are focused on supporting students with their professional and personal development. Professionally, we are seeking to build resilience, self-awareness and confidence to equip young people for the workplace. We use a range of coaching techniques to do this.

We also appreciate that there might be a number of challenges outside of the classroom that can impact an individual’s ability to train and progress. My role is to support them in overcoming these obstacles and to direct them to the right support network if needed.

What does this look like each week?

Practically this looks like meeting learners when they start training with us, and meeting them weekly for coaching sessions until they progress into their Apprenticeship. From here, we continue to meet with each young person until they complete their Apprenticeship.

Our personalised career development plan, tailored to a learner’s unique skills, aspirations and experience provides the tools for them to grow each week- equipping them for interviews and preparing them as they enter into the workplace.

What impact have you seen through the support you have provided?

It ranges from students being able to stay in a classroom, which can be a difficult environment for them, to seeing individuals progress into their amazing apprenticeships, full of confidence in their abilities. I’ve walked through a number of disappointments and challenges with learners, to see them get to a position when they are thriving.

What has been one of your highlights?

Seeing one learner with low-confidence in her abilities and a sense of hopelessness to where she can go, progressing into an Apprenticeship and adding real value to the workforce. Seeing her become aware of just how capable she is.