Job purpose

We seek to reach more of the 20,000 sustained NEET 19 to 24 year old Young People in East London and Women from disadvantaged families in East London where child poverty rates are at 56%. We are looking for an inspirational leader to achieve timely education and soft skills outcome for our students, at scale.

The purpose of the role of Head of Education and Inclusion is to oversee outstanding delivery to students at both of City Gateway’s sites: The Pavilion (Youth Programmes) and Stepney Life Centre (Women’s Programmes), as defined by Ofsted.

Working with the CEO (as Ofsted nominee) and the Quality & Training Manager they will oversee the implementation of City Gateways Quality Cycle across all programmes and delivery working collaboratively with colleagues on City Gateway’s journey to excellence. They will achieve this by overseeing the annual self-assessment and quality improvement planning process led by the Quality & Training Manager to ensure that City Gateway ESFA funded provision achieves at least a grade 2 (Good) judgement in its next Ofsted inspection.

They will act as Principal Safeguarding Officer (PSO) for the organisation managing arrangements for learner safeguarding and welfare and ensuring they are followed in full.

The post holder will work with the Coaching Manager to lead in the Matrix accreditation as well as ensuring that all provision delivered by City Gateway complies fully with ESFA (Traineeship and Apprenticeship) & ESF contracts, statutory legislation and awarding bodies.

The post holder will also hold the position of Health and Safety Officer and ensure equality and diversity are in place to enable us to deliver our mission with integrity.
Working collaboratively across the organisation, using your expertise in education and training, you will build and deliver an unbeatable programme and first class customer service to our students and volunteer partners, that delivers excellence and achieves ambitious targets for our Young People, Women and for the organisation as a whole.

Duties and responsibilities

Programme Development and Compliance

  • Lead on timetabling and oversee the development of our programmes to ensure that they have the right design and operational delivery to overachieve KPIs for all our students now and in the future, as we scale.
  • Internally champion all City Gateway’s students to embed their needs and successes in our operational DNA and systems.
  • Maximise delivery against all contracts and restricted philanthropic grants in a timely manner.

Developing a Quality Service

  • Establish a robust framework (data and procedural) for Student Management, Reporting and Communication on all elements of Education and Training.
  • Ensure all educational delivery as a minimum achieves an Ofsted rating of ‘Good’ but aspires to ‘Outstanding’.
  • Working with the CEO and the Quality & Training Manager produce the SAR and QIP as a living document and ensure that teaching, learning and assessment incorporates the 3Is (Intent, Implementation and Impact) and meets the standards set out in the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework. Ensure that teams feed into the production and lead on driving actions forward.
  • Oversee all Quality Assurance, ensuring that Quality policies and procedures are fit for purpose, regularly reviewed and staff are equipped and supported to deliver effectively.
  • Act as Ofsted nominee in the absence of the CEO
  • Lead on internal audit and compliance of learner files (all programmes).
  • Oversee Internal Quality Assurance.
  • Maintain high levels of cross organisation communication to ensure an Ofsted excellent service for both students and other relevant third parties and build an outstanding reputation for our service delivery.
  • Work closely with the Senior Leadership team to ensure the organisation is always appropriately prepared for Ofsted review.
  • Hold and develop through CPD, an expert understanding of the education landscape and the implications of delivery for City Gateway’s programme to ensure an excellent service.
  • Identify opportunities to improve working across sites and teams and leverage differing skills of team members to continuously improve
  • Drive compliance and development of standard operating manual (Learner Codification April 2021) for delivery across both sites.

As Principal Safeguarding Officer, Delivery of Student Support and Safeguarding including Health & Safety.

  • Ensure Student Support Services and Safeguarding & Prevent procedures work effectively to retain and progress students and to keep them safe and are complied with in full.
  • Oversee and develop the provision of pastoral, welfare and well-being support to students at City Gateway.
  • Ensure programmes are engaging and effective at retaining students on their pathway
  • Design and deliver the right products and programmes to effectively wrap-around students so that they retain and achieve through pathways in a timely manner into an EET outcome.
  • Deliver safeguarding practices in line with best operating practice
  • Ensure staffing Single Central Record checklist is kept up to date and complies in full with all Safeguarding and Ofsted regulations.
  • Ensure compliance to Health & Safety requirements for staff, students and employers in line with all statutory requirements.

Data, Reporting and compliance

  • Lead on monthly KPI Contract and Quality data reporting included in the KPI monthly reports and Dashboard.
  • Critical analysis of PIC’s performance data from both a quality and contract delivery perspective ensuring we stay ahead of the curve with any quality or performance concerns.
  • Develop and implement effective performance management systems for delivery of all provision ensuring that concerns about recruitment, retention, achievement and progression are promptly identified and addressed and work with the wider KPI monitoring systems, ensuring that contract targets and requirements are fully met.
  • Working with the data team, checking data and using it to inform decisions including reports and data required for Philanthropy and other partners.
  • Ensure teams are using data effectively to make tactical changes to delivery to improve outcomes for learners.
  • Ensure accountability for data integrity and accuracy is crystal clear across teams

Leadership and Working in Partnership

  • As a senior leader in the organisation, ensure that your team understands the vision and the role they play in fulfilling it. Create the right environment for organisational success (people/product/process). Take joint accountability of successes and challenges at Senior Leadership. Deliver the organisation’s KPIs and over-achieve your direct KPIs. Be an internal and external ambassador for the organisation. Model our values, live the culture and develop everyone in your team.
  • Work closely and effectively with all teams across the organisation to ensure that you hold a thorough understanding of City Gateway and the needs of our students, employers, funding partners and the processes that champion the quality of our work. Use that knowledge to develop the strategy for Education and Training going forward in a way that delivers the organisation’s wider mission and 3 year plan.

Line Management and Working Collaboratively

  • With Coaching Manager and Tutors to support wider curriculum planning, development and course delivery across all programmes and pathways.
  • With the Data & Finance Team to ensure organisational GDPR compliance across the organisation.
  • With the Quality and Training Manager to:

Support the development of quality systems, in particular the growth of the Traineeship and Apprenticeship programmes.

Monitor growth and expansion of City Gateway’s apprenticeship offer in terms of apprentice volumes on existing programmes/sectors and the development of new programmes/sectors

Monitor growth and expansion of City Gateway’s Traineeship offer ensuring learners have a pathway to high quality apprenticeship opportunities and other EET outcomes.

With the Women’s Programme Centre Manager ensuring Support Services, Women’s Programme and Education and Training are delivering support sessions to learners and the community through the following:

  • Employability support session
  • Women’s Voice
  • Enrichment and Life Skills sessions
  • Progression into an EET outcome


Please email your CV and covering letter to

Closing date: Monday 26th July