At City Gateway we work with disadvantaged young people aged 16-24 supporting them from wherever they start into sustained employment through a unique programme of education and employability coaching. In doing so, we help break the cycle of poverty in households and communities around London.

Never has our programme been more essential. We are currently witnessing a dramatic rise in youth unemployment in London soaring by 55% to 105,000 since the start of the pandemic, meaning 21% of 16-24 year olds are jobless at a time of record job vacancies of 1.17million countrywide.

Our programmes work. We more than double the chance of a disadvantaged young person gaining employment. 89% of our current students are BAME and since Covid-19 hit we have seen a 94% increase in demand for our coaching support and record numbers of applications.

We want to ensure City Gateway is there for every young or vulnerable person who needs our help. Our young people are 50% more likely to be unemployed compared to their advantaged peers with identical qualifications. Qualifications are important but they are only half the story. We need your gift to ensure we can provide the wraparound support and training that makes the difference.

We regularly welcome brand-new students, many of whom have already had to overcome personal challenges to get to where they are today. We want to ensure each one of them is equipped with the tools they need to reach their full potential. Please, give a gift that will last a lifetime – your gift will mean a young person can access the skills they need to access employment and create a brighter future for themselves. Will you help make a difference in the lives of young people today?

You can give in a number of ways;

  • A one-off gift to help us give positivity and hope for an unemployed young person.
  • A regular gift meaning we can continue to provide supported places for young people who need us most. Please email to set this up.
  • If your employer runs a Payroll giving scheme you can also support our work and benefit by paying less tax. To set this up please contact your payroll giving scheme and give them our charity number City Gateway 1078360 or email for help.

You’ll be supporting young people like Rajesree, read her story here >

Your gift of £10 could help us provide a Welcome Bag for a new student including a reusable water bottle, PPE, Notebook, Pen and Course Book enabling them to engage with their lessons and remain Covid secure as they start their training.

£20 could help us provide a 30-minute coaching session to a young person in their first week of lessons. Giving them advice and guidance on any problems at home and helping them settle in well, increasing their chance of completing the course.

£40 could help us provide five days of Breakfast Club for our young people who are unable to afford to eat breakfast. This will enable them to concentrate in lessons and succeed.

£60 could help a young person take part in an intensive interview workshop, helping them gain an apprenticeship or job and secure their future.

£100 could provide a travel bursary for a vulnerable young person enabling them to attend lessons for a month.

£500 could help us provide a laptop and secure office space to enable young people with unstable housing to take part in our Remote Work Experience – completing our programme makes them four times more likely to gain an apprenticeship.

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