This year City Gateway is celebrating 25 years of supporting young people who have faced social and economic disadvantage to get the qualifications, skills and experience they need to secure a job or apprenticeship. However, the celebrations are at risk of being overshadowed as we face the prospect of having 30 young people joining us this term without the funding to support them.

Demand for our programme from young people aged 16-18 has increased 68% year on year in the first 5 months of the academic year alone. The additional 30 young people starting with us imminently pushes that increase up to 89% year on year, demonstrating an unprecedented increase in demand for our services. Demand that is outstripping the funding we have in place.

We never turn young people away who need our support. We simply can’t. City Gateway might be the difference between them moving into a positive outcome and a spiral further into worklessness, poverty and even crime. We urgently need funding in order to provide the essential qualifications, skills and experience they need to change their lives.

We need to raise £75,840 by the end of May. Please support us today.

Could you sponsor a young person in full by donating £2,528?

Or could you donate £250 towards funding a young person who wants to change their future?

Or perhaps £25, one pound for every year we’ve been supporting young people who just need someone to believe in them and support them to achieve their potential.