When I joined, I had no background experience in brand, recruitment or even general admin roles. From both the academic side of college with City Gateway and the hands on experience in my role I really sharpened my IT skills, communication and general knowledge on how an accountancy firm runs successfully.

Something I think we all take for granted now is the flatness of the firm’s hierarchy. Starting as an Apprentice I assumed my role would be note taking and tea boy – I was very wrong. With the support of my manager and team, my role grew naturally as I juggled weekly tasks, building clear goals to work towards, stretching further than my one year apprenticeship.

‘Looking back at how far I’ve come since starting my one year Apprenticeship with Grant Thornton in 2015 really amazed me.’

For a firm who focus on inclusion, I definitely felt included. My opinions were heard, my challenges listened to and my leadership respected. Despite being a ‘newbie’ the team saw me as an expert at my job, once I settled in of course. This really helped my confidence and helped me bounce back from those mistakes everyone makes in their first job. I have now been in the firm for three years and am progressing as an employer brand coordinator, looking to grow further in my role and extend my knowledge.