At City Gateway, we believe that no learner should be left behind. As such we have partnered with Cognassist to identify hidden learning needs, to then personalise support to help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.

We all think and learn differently, and understanding how each of us thinks and learns as an individual can be transformative. We all have our own strengths and areas we find more challenging. But if we were able to identify these areas, and then have our teaching adjusted accordingly, then our experiences and successes could be very different – nothing would hold us back. And that’s where Cognassist come in. Through a short assessment they can identify where you may need some additional support and your learning experience can be personalised to your way of thinking with your tutor.

‘I find Cognassist quite easy and very informative. It’s nice that the videos and tasks are very relatable to me.’
Kausar, Cognassist Learner

When you start on course with us we will introduce you to the assessment and put in place personalised support should you need it.

For more information about Cognassist, watch this video here or to read stories of other learners who have benefitted from using Cognassist click here >