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Welcome to our 25th anniversary page and our 25 challenges fundraising challenge. Below are 25 possible ways of raising money for City Gateway over the coming year. Simply pick your favourite, click on the heading to find out more about it and away you go. Don’t forget, whatever challenge you choose, speak to your company about match funding to see if your fundraising efforts can be worth double.

Help us to raise £50,000 through these challenges to support young people who have faced social and economic inequality to get the skills, qualifications and experience they need to secure a job, apprenticeship or to go on to further education.

If you need any help at all, email info@citygateway.org.uk or call us on 0203 727 6310.

Thank you for your support and happy fundraising!

This challenge is all about using your thrifty skills to take a budget of just £25 and see if you can raise £2,500? It can incorporate anything you like, getting sponsored to do something, hosting an event and getting everything you need donated or borrowed – the sky’s limit, you just need your entrepreneurial hat on and away you go!

Who doesn’t love a baked treat?! This is a great way to raise money and enjoy lots of delicious delicacies at the same time – win, win. Whether you choose to run your bake off with friends, family or colleagues, simply ask them to bake their favourite recipes and then sell them to raise money for City Gateway. Don’t forget to crown your star baker too! Check out some recipe ideas here >

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or thinking about getting started, what better motivation could there be for getting out there and going for a run than knowing it’s all in aid of a great cause. Click here to find a running event near you. Why not set up a Just Giving page to collect sponsorship (and encourage others to Gift Aid to, to make their donation go further).

What is the world’s longest river?… Host a quiz night and that could be your opening question! Gather your friends, family or colleagues together, ask people to form teams (of between 4-6 people usually works best) and get them to pit their general knowledge against each other. You can have as many rounds as you like with as many questions in each round, just bear in mind how long you have available to run your quiz. It’s also worth throwing in some picture, logo or dingbats rounds which people can do in between rounds. You can also run a raffle or auction and why not provide drinks and snacks to sell on the night too. What are you waiting for, grab that quiz master jacket and get quizzing.

Who doesn’t want to put on a cape and be a superhero, or test out their impression of their favourite singer! Whether you choose a theme or let everyone go with their imagination, a fancy dress day is great fun and really simple to run. Simply ask people to make a donation to come into the office wearing fancy dress – you could even give a prize for the person who goes to the most effort with their costume.

Good at solving crossword clues? Or perhaps you’re the master of problem solving? Then put those skills to good use and run a scavenger hunt. These can be run on a large or small scale, all you need to do is set contestants a set of clues and riddles to solve and the team who reaches the end of the hunt first, wins a prize. Teams will pay to take part and the money raised will support young people to get the qualifications, experience and skills (including problem solving skills!) they need to change their future.

This one can be run as a fundraising initiative on its own or as an additional way to raise money at another event eg quiz night or talent show. For a raffle, simply ask your contacts to donate prizes, sell tickets and away you go! For an auction, again ask your contacts to donate prizes and then you can either run it as a live auction with people bidding against each other, or you can run it as a silent auction where people write down their maximum bid for the item and whoever has written the highest bid will win the item.

This fundraising idea can be repeated throughout the year and is a great way of bringing your team together. Simply choose an event, for example a sporting world cup, write down all the names of the teams competing, put them all in a hat and then people pay to draw out a team (or teams) from the hat. Whoever pulled out the team who goes on to win the tournament, wins a portion of the money collected, the rest is donated to City Gateway. You can even run this with contestants on your favourite programmes, think Strictly Come Dancing or I’m a Celebrity!

What better way to mark our 25th anniversary than by walking 25km across 16 of London’s iconic bridges, taking in the sights, sounds and historic landmarks of the Capital. Why not gather a group together, sign up here and get walking!

Grab your dancing shoes, put those classic tunes on and dance the night (or day) away. This one is all about endurance and seeing how long you can dance for without stopping. But you don’t have to do all the dancing yourself, why not get a team together and tag others in. Perhaps see if your team can keep dancing for 25 hours in total, an hour for each year City Gateway has been supporting young people to get the skills they need to secure a job or apprenticeship.

This one couldn’t be simpler, all we’re asking is for you to donate an hour of your salary to City Gateway. Or if you’re feeling super generous, perhaps a morning/afternoon or even a whole day’s pay. Why not encourage colleagues to do the same. And if your company will match fund then your kind donation will be worth double.

On your marks, get set, go! Pump up those tyres, don that lycra and get on yer bike for a great cause. There are a range of cycles you could get involved in of varying lengths at various locations, just pick the one that you like the sound of most and away you go! Don’t forget to get sponsored to raise money for City Gateway.

Happy Birthday! This year, why not ask friends and family to donate to City Gateway in lieu of presents and you’ll be giving a young person the most incredible gift you possibly could, the gift of helping them change their future.

We all know what it’s like to sit there and wonder what on earth an acronym stands for, or to stare blankly at someone when they throw around the latest industry buzz words. Well, why don’t you do yourself (and probably the rest of the office) a favour and set up an office jargon fine pot. Download our handy office jargon sheet, write down all the acronyms or phrases that incur a fine and set it up somewhere prominent in the office. Every time someone falls foul of one of your chosen words or phrases they have to put some money in the fine jar!

Are you a budding comedian/singer/dancer/magician/balloon animal maker…ok that last one may be a bit niche but whatever your talent, why not set up a talent show for your co-workers to display the best of their hidden skills. Perhaps you could even set up a panel of judges (yep, we’re thinking Simon Cowell and co) to crown the winner. To raise money simply charge your audience to come along and watch the show. You could even run a raffle or auction to raise extra money.

Get ready to take the plunge and make a splash with this watery challenge. Whether you fancy yourself as the next Adam Peaty or Rebecca Adlington or simply like a few gentle lengths at the local pool, take on a sponsored swim and raise funds for City Gateway and you will be helping young people dive into their future. The beauty about this challenge is that you can organise it yourself by choosing the number of lengths you want to swim and then head to your local pool to undertake your challenge. Or, if you fancy something a little more challenging, why not join one of these organised events. What are you waiting for, you’ll be riding on a wave of pride if you do. (Ok enough water puns now!).

This one couldn’t be simpler as once you’ve filled in the relevant forms you don’t need to do anything other than sit back with pride each month knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of young people. Speak to your HR department to request a form and they will help set it up through your PAYE. This is an easy, convenient and tax-effective way of making a regular donation to charity as you give from your gross salary, so don’t pay tax on your gift.

Remember the tuck shop at school where a large part of your lunch money used to go…ah, those healthy lunches of sugar and sweets! Those were the days… Well nowadays we’re perhaps a bit more health conscious but then who doesn’t love a sweet treat now and then? Take a trip down memory lane, stock up on retro sweets and set up a tuck shop in your office and donate profits to City Gateway. This can be run throughout the year, maybe mix it up with seasonal treats too and perhaps some healthier alternatives.

Fancy seeing London from an entirely different vantage point? Got a good head for heights? Well this challenge could be for you. Why not get a team together and get sponsored to climb the O2? Based in East London, just over the river from the O2, you can even give us a wave over at City Gateway while you’re up there.

Don’t look down…or maybe do look down to take in the views you don’t get to see everyday! Perhaps you work in a tall building or have the perfect location in mind that would make an incredible abseil. Why not get a team together and organise an event for your family, friends, colleagues, anyone with a head for heights! Each individual gets sponsored for their bravery and funds raised support young people to build their own confidence to take the first step on their way to their future.

Two little ducks… top of the shop… cup of tea… Confused? Host a bingo night and you’ll become familiar with all the bingo lingo. Gather friends, family and colleagues together and have a great night playing bingo. Use this handy guide on how to put on a bingo event to help you. (And so you’re not left wondering two little ducks – 22, top of the shop – 90 and cup of tea – 3!)

Now this one isn’t necessarily about having great sporting prowess. This is more who can throw their paper plate discuss the furthest. Or who can score a bullseye with office archery – using your hands and an elastic band instead of arrows. Or maybe you’ll excel at broom golf. This one allows for your imagination to run wild (within certain safety parameters of course). Simply set up your challenges, invite your colleagues to pay to take part in events and see who makes it to the top of the podium and takes home that office Olympics medal. By the way, you’ll all be Olympic heroes in our eyes for taking part and raising money for City Gateway.

Before you panic, we’re not asking you to forego your usual wake-me-up morning coffee, or that keep-me-going afternoon coffee. All we’re asking is for you to perhaps go for the office option instead and donate the money you would have spent on your barista coffee to City Gateway. Maybe you could do this over the course of a week, month or even the year.

These boots were made for walking… calling all hikers and trekkers to join a charity trek and raise money for City Gateway. You choose the trek location, distance and time of year and simply ask for sponsorship from all your contacts.

This one is for all those golfing fans out there. Why not organise a charity golf day at your local club. Charge teams to enter your special City Gateway charity golf day and perhaps run a raffle or auction at the same time to maximise your fundraising efforts. This one if probably worth getting fellow golfers involved in organising and spreading the word about your event to as many keen golfers as possible.

For the past 25 years City Gateway has been supporting young people who have faced social and economic inequality, helping them to get the skills, qualifications and experience they need to secure a job, apprenticeship or to go on to further education.

With a core belief that no-one should be at a disadvantage simply because of where they have grown up or because of the challenges they have experienced, we have made it our mission to support young people to change their lives.

So as we celebrate 25 years of City Gateway we want to thank everyone who has been a part of our story, every young person who has reached out to us for support, every partner who has helped make all this possible, and to you reading this today – thank you for your interest in what we do and we hope you will join us as we celebrate the past 25 years, and support us on this next part of our journey – we’re 25 years young, there’s still much more to come from us.