Last week, with great sadness, we announced the death of our Chair of the Board of Trustees, Deepak Mahtani.

He was a true asset to our charity and leaves behind an amazing legacy. The Board of Trustees met last week to discuss how we will move forward as a charity and a successor to the role of Chair.

We are pleased to announce that Kenny Imafidon (who was previously Vice-Chair) has been unanimously voted to become our new Chair. Sean Greathead has also been voted to become our Vice-Chair.

Kenny has been a member of the board for almost 3 years. Kenny is a social entrepreneur
and activist. He is the co-founder and Managing Director of ClearView Research Ltd, a leading-
edge research company who specialise in research focussing on young people and
underrepresented communities. Over the past 3 years Kenny has brought passion, insight and
expertise to the board and wider City Gateway team specifically supporting our marketing and
outreach activity, bringing insights into our target audience and how best to engage them.
In response to his appointment Kenny said;

“I am truly grateful to have the confidence of my fellow trustees on the Board of City Gateway to lead the organisation as its new Chair and I am genuinely excited to work alongside the team of dedicated trustees and the entire staff, to increase our impact and ensure that City Gateway delivers its mission. My true desire is for us to tirelessly continue the great work we are doing, until the point where we are needed no more because the societal issues we are addressing no longer exist. I know this is a reality that will not come overnight. However, until that day, we will do what is necessary to provide hope and valuable opportunities to every young person, woman and family who comes our way.

As someone who grew up in a deprived area with limited opportunities myself, I personally know three things. Firstly, I know what life is like for many of the people that we seek to serve, who are facing substantial difficulties. Secondly, I know how important it is to have people who believe in you and your potential. Lastly, I know how important it is to have an organisation like City Gateway to you give you a leg up in life, to ensure you have a different future than what many others may have predicted. And, this is why I will be committed to ensuring that City Gateway will always be there to provide a leg up on the ladder of success for those who need it.”

Vice-Chair Sean has been a member of the board for 4 years. Sean has more than 15 years of experience working with organisations to grow, develop and empower their people. He currently heads up the People and Talent function at MAPP, a niche property and asset management company. He has extensive experience in HR, Learning and Development. Since joining the board, Sean has brought his extensive experience to establish and develop a high quality team through a period of significant change management. Sean has championed the people culture at City Gateway and supported in high level recruitment and development of our talent.

Sean is really looking forward to stepping into his new role;

“I am honoured to be given this opportunity to work alongside Kenny and the rest of the board in supporting the full team at City Gateway to support even more women and young people. I am passionate about City Gateway’s mission and look forward to helping the charity continue to go from strength to strength. I truly believe that hope changes everything; it gives people the ability to step out of their circumstances. At City Gateway we parallel hope with opportunity, and that truly transforms lives. If you stop for the one who needs you most, you can change everything for them, and that is a truly powerful difference we can and do make at City Gateway.”

CEO David Wesson said;

“We are delighted to have Kenny and Sean take up the role of Chair and Vice-Chair on our Board of Trustees. They both bring with them a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience and we look forward to harnessing that as we continue to support those who are furthest from education, employment or training and change their futures by providing a platform for our students and staff alike to reach their full potential.”