Based in East London we are a fully managed apprenticeship recruitment service.

We appreciate there are always a number of considerations to factor in when thinking about recruiting an apprentice, not least restrictions on employee numbers or salary budgets.

City Gateway’s Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) – approved by the Education & Skills Funding Agency, can help. Every year we have a talent pool of over a hundred young professionals seeking jobs and careers.

If you’re interested providing effective support for apprentices aged 16-24, then take a look at our comprehensive employers guide.


apprenticeship recruitment

ATA’s provide a unique method for businesses to recruit apprentices while balancing the need to reduce costs. Apprentices are employed by us (the ATA) but placed with you as a Host Employer to work with. You get all the benefits of working with a young person to bring fresh ideas into your business whilst we take away the responsibility of recruiting, employing and arranging training for them.

Some of the reasons to use our ATA may include:

  • If you’re a Levy business and looking to transfer unspent Levy funds – which you can use to fund the training of an apprentice for a local micro business or charity
  • If you’re an SME business facing challenges on either employee numbers or salary budgets
  • If you’re unable to commit to employing an apprentice for the duration of their programme – and want to consider alternative solutions

how does it work?

  • Our ATA employs the apprentice – so we’re their ‘employer’
  • The apprentice is placed with you – so you’re their ‘host employer’
  • You pay the apprentice’s wage (normally the London apprentice average)
  • We carry out the appropriate checks and paperwork so you don’t have to
  • We deliver apprenticeship training on one of the approved Apprenticeship Standards below

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frequently asked questions

We will find the apprentice an appropriate alternative host employment, to ensure they can continue their apprenticeship

In short, we are. One of your key roles as host employer is to supervise the apprentice during the whole of their apprenticeship programme and to train them in your work place to ensure they meet the competencies outlined in the relevant Apprenticeship Standard.

No it is not. The ATA scheme is aimed at offering high quality apprenticeship training with high quality employers. The ATA scheme is designed to offer the employment market a flexible approach to hiring apprentices into their business but who might not be able to offer them employment for the full duration of the apprenticeship programme.

employers guide

We’ve produced a guide with the aim of helping our employers – small and large and from across all sectors – provide effective support for apprentices aged 16-24.

The guide outlines steps employers can take to make their recruitment practices accessible for young people, gives examples of on-the-job support for young apprentices in the workplace, and provides information on sources of additional funding which employers can use to support young apprentices.

what next?

  • Think about why you’d like to employ an apprentice and how much you could pay them
  • Think about putting together a job description. We will then advertise your job internally and externally to gain maximum exposure. We can help you help you put together a job description
  • Use the form below to contact us to start the search for your Apprentice

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